Sunday, 4 October 2015

To restart ACNL or to buy ACHHD

So it's been 2 years since i last played Animal Cross New Leaf...
I opened up the game and I was planning to restart it but a friend of mine told me to buy the latest Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer.

There's a lot of new features with the whole amiibo cards and all that, and I really dont get what the whole deal is with it.. they became popular since the wii u and the new n3d(xl) came out... but im still just using my n3dsxl at the moment.

i dunno if im swayed enough to buy the new AC game, i have persona 4 dancing all night limited edition to collect when it is released in australia in november... thats like next month so i guess i technically can purchase this new AC game but do i want to??

still currently playing Lost Dimension on the psvita, i have the new danganronpa game to play as well after i finish Lost Dimension.... -sigh- so many games to play so little time.

and my final assessment is due at 9am on the 29th of October too, so i guess most of my gaming will have to be after the assignment is due.


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