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[REVIEW][GAME] Persona 4: Dancing All Night PSVITA

Game: Persona 4: Dancing All Night
Platform: PSVita
Genre: Visual Novel, Rhythm
Purchase: Retail, PSN
EN release year: 2015
EN Publisher: ATLUS [official website]
Opening theme: Dance! 


A few months after the murder events was solved in Persona 4, Rise Kujikawa has decided to make a comeback in the entertainment industry. With the help of the Investigation Team to be her backup dancers, Yu and co. make their way to Takura Productions where they rehearsed for the upcoming Love Meet Bonds Festival. Upon meeting the star guests of the LMB Festival Kanamin Kitchen, the sudden disappearance of the group shed light to an eerie rumor that has been circulating amongst fans. Those who view the LMB website at midnight would go to the "other side" and to never wake up again. What secret event sparked this rumor in the first place, and by watching the LMB website at midnight, is this the same as entering the Shadow World from the tv? -- The Warping Penguin


I guess you could say this game has been on my to play list since day 1 of its announcement. I adored P4G; the remake for Vita of Persona 4 on the Playstation 2. With the release of P4Dance, we get to relive and enjoy the characters from the P4 series once again!

There are 2 modes in P4Dance:
1/ Story mode (dance is on Easy)
2/ Free time mode (Easy/Medium/Hard/All Night)

Story Mode takes on a visual novel aspect where once the event arises, will ask you to 'dance.' All dance modes throughout story mode are set to Easy.

You take the perspective of Yu, Rise and Kanami throughout story mode.
The story itself for P4Dance is very short and straightforward overall. For those who have played Persona 4 or Persona 4 Golden games would be able to grasp the nature of each character and would be able to enjoy getting more out of the characters again. For those new to the P4 series and jumped straight to P4Dance, this game might appear confusing as there are various concepts within the game which requires prior knowledge to understand (unless you've watched the anime or read the manga).

Free Time Mode is like an arcade mode where you can play and unlock all the songs with DLC songs obtainable. All the regular (non DLC) songs in Free Time Mode are played throughout Story Mode, however you can play the songs at different levels (Easy/Medium/Hard/All Night). All songs which can be played and obtained for Free Time Mode are full songs and remixes of the Persona 4 soundtrack. All Night mode is only obtainable once all items in the game are bought. And Margaret is unlocked once the main story is over.

For a short story game, I liked P4Dance for many things.
The songs are great and the remixes are super damn catchy.
Unlike other rhythm games I have played, P4Dance differs to that of Hatsune Miku's Project Diva games, or Love Live School Idol Festival games, or even to that of Cytus and SUPERBEAT: Xonic.

It's easier.
You get the notes fly out from the middle to the score gears on both sides.
After the update, you can use the LR buttons to hit the ring notes rather than use the toggle stick (which I found 100x a lot easier to use). You get the characters dancing in the background, and they make hilariously encouraging comments throughout the song. You can also customise what your character is wearing, by buying outfits in the game or via DLC. You can change note speed, note direction and even the note scores by buying items from the game. All these variety makes Free Time Mode for P4Dance extremely fun and enjoyable!

You can play P4Dance using the buttons or by touch screen.
From experience, playing P4Dance via touchscreen is inaccurate, and it doesn't quite work out like other touch screen rhythm games like Cytus or Love Live. But, that is just me. Just stick to the buttons.

The only thing I have against P4Dance is that it takes a while for you to get to use to the beat and rhythm of the game. The notes fly out rather slow, despite setting note speed at its maximum 7/7. Obtaining a PERFECT in game requires you to hit the note just at the note hits the rim of the score gear. In my opinion, the faster the notes shoot out, the easier it is to get perfects. There is an item you can purchase in the game which speeds up your note speed (increases song BPM) however without it, those who love rhythm games as much as I do won't feel a sense of competitiveness until All Night Mode is unlocked.

Some people like myself may also find the characters dancing in the background extremely distracting. As much as I adore all the characters in P4 (especially Yosuke and Kanji), faster notes are harder to differentiate when the background is flashing with different coloured lights and the character dancing. There is no option to silence the tapping noise when the notes are hit, and the lack of outcome scores (you either get a Fail, Stage Clear!, Brilliant! or King Crazy!) is something of a disappointment.

However regardless of its tiny faults, Persona 4 Dance is probably the last game for the P4 franchise. Those who enjoy the P4 series should definitely get this game just for the sake of supporting the Vita! (also you can purchase the DLC for Adachi huhuhu).

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Overall Game Rate: 8/10

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